Virtual Events

How do you deliver a great event?

Until March 2020, not too many companies saw virtual events as being a key part of their meetings programme. COVID19 and the enforced restrictions around meetings have changed our outlook and whilst we will get back to physical events, virtual solutions have for now, enabled companies to get back to what they do best, connect with each other.

There’s a lot of complexity spoken about virtual events. Which technology to use, how to create content, how long should it be and ultimately, how do you deliver a great event?

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What about support?

At Your Virtual Events, our philosophy is simple. How do we support and enable you to deliver a great virtual event that isn’t a copy of a physical event, but is better?

For us, it all starts with project management. Our team will guide you through objective setting, the format of your event, discuss the best ways of engaging your audience and all of the other intricate planning processes that we understand will help take away the stress of managing a virtual event.


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  • In House meetings – Sales meetings, training, kick off event. Key considerations are affordability, protections, security and branding
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  • Webinars – With one or more speakers, primarily educational events that are relatively short in duration.
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  • Hybrid Events – Combine a virtual platform with professional AV production to ensure that those delegates at the event and the virtual delegates enjoy the same experience
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  • Virtual Conferences – A fully digital event is pretty complicated. Content, relevance and interaction are vital.
  • Series Events – Can you utilise a platform for a full year? Yes, you can, and this provides a cost-effective platform for leadership programmes, series training and education programmes

Why us?

  • In-house Project Managers and technicians
  • Your staff can front the sales process, supported by a Your Virtual Events Account Manager
  • Easy costings and commission on full invoice value for you
  • Commercial agreement between us for your peace of mind in your client relationships

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